Close to it all but a world apart.

Located 20 miles from St. Louis in Freeburg, Illinois, Meadow Pines offers the charm and community of small town living within reach of metropolitan amenities.

A lively sense of new.

In recent years, new subdivisions have been in short supply. New additions to aged neighborhoods and the legacy lots on weathered streets have left behind the vibrancy of a new community. Also left behind are the values new homes deserve because new homes are often assigned similar values as old homes in the same subdivision.  

In the coming weeks, contemporary, liveliness, and value meet at Meadow Pines, a uniquely designed new development of 96 residential lots that will bring to life new homes, engaging neighbors, and monetary value of a new subdivision.

Select surroundings.

Designed to seamlessly meld into private, picturesque surroundings, Meadow Pines will symbolize its name with a frontage shrouded in pine trees atop a privacy berm, wood lines to the east and west, and quiet farmland to the south.

Within the surroundings is where the vision of comfort becomes reality with rustic culture stone entrances opening to new concrete roads, power lines removed from the landscape, public water and sewer delivered throughout, and at night, street corners lit by antique-design street lamps and the front contour of pine trees illuminated.       

Welcome invitation.

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