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Home Damage Restoration serving Belleville and O’Fallon Illinois including the entire South County / St. Louis Area.

Klemme Construction uses the highest standards of cleaning and restoration in their services to the residents in the St. Louis area and Southern Illinois. If your home has been hit by water damage, fire damage, smoke damage or mold damage; you don’t want to call anyone else. You want the experienced professionals at Klemme Construction to handle your home damage restoration.

Home damage restoration is a difficult thing to ask for. It’s not a home improvement project that increases your home’s value or that adds luxury to your life. It’s not something that you can spend years planning, like you can a kitchen remodel. Home damage restoration isn’t really even something that you save up for or plan to do at all. When you need home damage restoration, you need it right away. Many items can be salvaged after water damage if dried out completely within 48 hours. In a crisis situation, you have to act fast, and you don’t have a lot of time to do research or check out different companies – you must make a choice and make it fast.Water damage is a common home damage problem experienced by many households.

Are your appliances old and rusty?

There are many homes that use modern day appliances, which have the potential to cause extreme water damage: clothes washing machines, dish washing machines and hot water heaters, for example. Imagine how much home damage could be caused by a rusted out hot water heater bottom. The other major cause of water damage comes from natural disasters, like flash floods. Many of your things can still be saved from water damage by home damage restoration experts. Call the professionals, like Klemme Construction serving the St. Louis area and Southern Illinois, right away.

How Klemme tackles damaged homes

Their well-trained and experienced team has the equipment and the expertise to dry out your home quickly and completely. The longer you wait to call in the experts, the less likely that your damaged items can be salvaged, even by experts in home damage restoration. Smoke and fire damage are less common, but they are devastating and you want the best in home damage restoration when these happen as well. Smoke residue acts like acid and over time causes staining and corrosion. This can be avoided when you call experts in home damage restoration, like the folks at Klemme Construction in St. Louis and Southern Illinois.

Whatever kind of home damage restoration that you need done, whether it was caused by water, fire, smoke or mold, the experts at Klemme Construction can be counted on to return your home to its pre-damage condition. Don’t replace items that could be saved! Call the experts in home damage restoration at Klemme Construction in St. Louis and Southern Illinois.

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