Realtor Collaboration & Registration

Realtors are one of our important business partners. We truly value relationships with realtors we presently work with or may work with in the future. We rely on realtors for their expertise and the support they provide their clients.

The steps below are designed to ensure realtors receive credit for facilitating the sale of our lots and/or new homes. Please contact us with any questions or requests for assistance and we look forward to working with realtors and their clients.

Registration Process

Our goal is to make it easy for realtors to register clients and protect their sale of any home or lot in of our subdivision communities.

  1. To receive credit for a potential sale, please register realtor and client information by completing and submitting the form below.

  2. We will contact realtors to discuss lot sales, home constructions, options for their clients, and to setup a meeting with their client. Realtor may attend the initial meeting but is not required.

  3. After the initial meeting, our team will be here to help your client and handle the sale process every step of the way.

  4. Before registering, please review of Realtor Compensation Policy and ask us questions if needed.

Registration Form

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Realtor Compensation Policy

Realtors will be paid 2.50% commission on the Construction Agreement or Sale Agreement price. Realtors clients (“Clients”) must enter into a construction or purchase contract with Klemme Construction, Inc. (“Klemme” or “Seller”) and/or it’s affiliate BK Property Development, Corp. (“BKD” or “Seller”).

The following requirements apply to commission payments and eligibility:

  • Realtors must be a licensed real estate agent in good standing with the State in which the transaction occurred at the time of contract signing and time of payment.

  • Realtors must register their client in accordance to the Registration Process on this website. Seller does not share or sell private information.

  • Seller’s contracts and agreements must be used and only the Seller’s contracts and agreements are accepted and binding.

  • Seller will provide and prepare contracts, applications, home plan approvals, documents for financing, and other documents relevant to sales and/or construction of homes.

  • Seller is responsible for scheduling closing date, requesting title commitment and deed preparation, inspections and appraisals of property, etc.

  • Construction Agreements are contracts between clients and Seller for Seller to construct the client’s home. Sale Agreements are contracts between clients or client’s builders and Seller for vacant lots, spec homes, inventory homes, and model homes.

  • If clients are permitted to bring their own builder, which is often the case, the Seller not pay a commission on Construction Agreements with other builders. If clients select another builder to construct a home for the client, Seller will pay a commission based only on price of the lot, not the construction of the client’s home.

  • Commission is payable when title transfers from Seller to client or client’s builder as applicable.

  • If a contract is breached, not fulfilled, or delayed for 6 months after execution, no commission will be paid. No commission is payable on change orders, upgrades, additional costs, overages, allowances passed through to or directly paid by clients, and other charges not expressly written in Construction Agreement or Sale Agreement.

  • Refunds or credits to clients are subtracted from Construction Agreement or Sale Agreement price used to calculate commissions.

  • Seller will pay one commission per contract. If conflicts occur between two or more Realtors with respect to representation of a client, Seller recognizes the first registrant of that client.

  • If a registered client retains representation from a new agent, the client and the new agent must request in writing a transfer of registration from the old agent and Seller.

  • The content included herein is subject to change anytime without notice.

  • MLS supersedes the content on this webpage as applicable.